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Where it is believed that in helping plant the seed, helping water it and nurturing it to harvest will bring the fruit of the passion desired. Helping others like yourself to find the right avenue to make your own t-shirt design.

Here at T–shirt and U we are A Protestant Connection. Which stands for connecting passions of our faith with others in a way to share a message. In this instance, the sharing of messages through the wearing of the proper t-shirt design. Hopefully, opening up a conversation in a way that is inquisitive for others. That by the message, a seed is planted and by the conversation that springs forth it will grow so the harvest of the fruit produced will find strength in a foundation that has been laid.

Even if your just wanting to design a message of your own for a t-shirt, hoodie, jacket, shirt or any other merchandise you may want to put it on, but it isn’t to bring about an opening to share your faith. U have found the right place!!!


The Idea

It all begins with the idea. The idea that you would want to share with others. The first step in the process would be to decide on what it is you want to do. So for instance, here I want to share something about my faith. You may want to share a great picture of you and your closes friend with your favorite saying. Or a family picture of the last reunion with the family name on it for the next reunion. This would be the idea!

The Theme

What we will cover briefly is a basic layout, with a few thoughts. In this case I will focus on my faith and share how I might go about the steps necessary. From the idea to a design on a t-shirt.

Now, the idea is to share something about my faith. As I think on this, I see a need for more conversation about the ten commandments. Not, nine commandments, but ten commandments. And when I look at the scripture on this subject matter I find what everyone who believes should know for this, the end time.

For the thought on how important this is to a protestant it seems this should be found in Revelation. Now in this book the word “commandments” can be found in 12:17, 14:12 and 22:14. Looking at these scriptures either would make the point to plant a seed. That is open up a conversation or plant a seed that someone else may ask a question or go and look up to study themselves.


Either would be great for the visuals needed on a shirt. For one has a dragon and women. Another patience of the saints. And the other a tree of life and gates of a city. But I only need one. So, I recall a woman in prophecy representing God’s people, ie the church.(ref. Jer. 6:2, cf Is 51:16) Though it also can represent the apostate church.(Rev. 17:4, 18:3) Also, that a dragon represents Satan or his agency(Is. 27:1, Rev. 12:9)

Now the idea has become somewhat visual. Of those, here it is chosen to go with Revelation 12:17 to plant a seed that hopefully comes to fruition. That is, a greater understanding of the importance of the ten commandments.


Take the ideal from thought to a printable design. To do this you can go to several websites that have templates and use those to get a picture put together. You could buy the picture from professional artists. Or you can purchase a program and do your own work. Then again, if you are able, you can take a free program to do your own drawings and text to fit your idea.

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It can be your program within windows and Microsoft that came with your computer or you can take a program from the internet such as Gimp 2.8.( and utilize what it offers. This is the choice made for this article.

You can use your own pictures or drawings if you wish. Or you can go searching the net for artists who offer their drawings for a price or for free. This can be tricky because you must have a respect for the artist and do some work to be sure that it is free of the copyright restrictions. Many sites tell you what you can and can not do with the pictures or drawings.

So their is some homework to be done to be ready to implement your idea. But it can be fun in all the ways to research and draw and put it all together. Just read about the licensing as part of your research and learn what is needed for an image. Important!!!

Remember also, to keep in mind while doing your homework, the more colors will increase the cost. As well, the printing must be in mind as to it losing detail to actually get it printed. So, plan on working with the company that will do the final product to make any adjustments that may be necessary. Most will do a proof before finally printing.

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The Gathering

Now that the way to get the art or picture is decided on. The actual drawing or gathering of art needs to be brought together so you can assemble all of it. This must be accomplished either by your own program to use or if your using a template by a printing company then you will bring it all together their.

Since, I am no artist. I saw a short video using Gimp 2.8, seven and a half minutes long, titled “Introduction Tutorial to Gimp: Learn how to draw”.( And I thought I should show what a non-artist can do with it.




So, this here was drawn with the program Gimp 2.8, a picture of a Dragon. At least my best rendition so far.:-)







And of a woman, ie a church on a hill.

This was decided on because I researched as to not infringe on others intellectual right. This kept me from using what I found that I would have liked to use. Therefore, I could find nothing from the internet to use. So hey, draw it yourself!

Ok, can you tell I am no artist. Right, but I think this came out pretty well. I hope you will agree. Alright, it is the same program I created those pictures with that I put it all together with the chosen text. As discussed and finally decided on Revelation 12:17.

Arrange into the Theme

Now, I have had the general idea. But, honestly when I do this it changes some along the way. Not a lot sometimes and more so other times. Just seem to get a better picture of it and the bigger ideal comes along. I am sure their is a reason for this, you know! So, the arranging of all the parts must be put in place.

Like if the text will be above and below or over the picture. Will the pictures go right with the text? How will the pictures go together? All the necessary decisions for it all to be understood. Well, sometimes the decision is better assembled as the assembling is going on.

It was decided to have the dragon. Once that was drawn the decision of the church as the woman would be used. As these were drawn and put together, it was obvious the dragon had to be trying to consume the church. Like this:

Well, the big picture is now alive and well! All that is needed is the text. So, the idea can now be arranged in such a way as to emphasize the big picture. On this I wanted the text arranged so that it best fits in a way to point out the message. How is that? You might say.

The Placement

In the end it has to fulfill the intent of delivering a message. One that is watering a thought to be acted on or one as planting a seed. For the placement of the text can help in both those intentions. As the text layer was added it came to more light as to the proper positioning of the text.

Of Course through all of it, adjustments are made until it just fits and looks just right! And then this is what it ended up as:

Wrap It Up

Ok, the placement I liked because the woman and remnant along with God and Christ ended up in the white area. Dragon and all he has tried to do and eat up is in the gray area. I thought this may bring a little more focus on God for one, as well as what remnant stood for. Which, by the way is in the message. Hopefully bringing others to ask about the picture with that text so the watering can happen. Or plant a seed so another may go search and learn the truth of keeping all ten commandments. Because the Dragon has nothing better to do than to attempt to get rid of the commandments and the testimony of Jesus.

A quick overview:

1: Idea! Of course the first part to make your own t-shirt design is to have an idea.

2: Theme! The second part is to bring up an underlying meaning for that idea.

3: Implementation! Knowing and having a process to get the theme to fruition. Basically your plan of action.

4: Gathering! Putting all the pieces of the plan in order. In one place ready to go.

5: Arrange! Determining how pictures can be put with one another and how the text may fit as to best present the theme.

6: Placement! Putting all you gathered into the final arrangement for the best presentation.

7: Uploading! Now it is time to choose your printing company to share your great idea. Just upload, check it out on a product of your choosing.

8: Order! Select all the merchandise to put it on and let the company send you a proof to view before they print it, most will. Then enjoy sharing your glorious ideal with all who you see.


You can find enjoyment and comfort in putting your very own thought into action. Then letting that main underlying meaning of the thought come through to share with everyone around your. Knowing that the message you wanted to deliver is done in a pure and clean positive way. All because of your desire to Seed > Water > Harvest! Keep the Love!!!

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I hope you have enjoyed the read and most of all I pray you have found help in your journey to make your own t-shirt design. Please leave a comment. And take the time to read some other articles here at T-shirt and U, A Protestant Connection.

Full disclosure: If any advertising or products for cost are mentioned. Let it be known their may be some revenue for the writer if a purchase is made by going through this site. This site is endorsed only by the administrator and none other. Any owners of pictures or drawing used, not done by the writer, do not show support nor endorsement of any kind for anything written, suggested or recommended.

Hope you found this article encouraging and helpful. Please leave a comment!

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