How to Create Your Own T-shirt Design

Welcome to T-shirt and U, A Protestant Connection. This is a site coming together to help others. As I am sure all of us has needed at some time or another. Whether it be to get an ideal designed to be printed or just to get started on how to create your own t-shirt design.

Let’s face it not everyone is an artist. But, we all have ideas for something that could go onto a shirt. Whether a t-shirt, jacket, hoodie, sweater or any other merchandise that can be printed onto.

So, Let’s get Started

You do not have to be an artist.(my article No, and you do not have to have a screen printing press. This is what is great about this all of this. Here at T-shirt and U, we are not trying to sell you on a particular product. Just to share how to do it by yourself with what is available.

Great, isn’t it! With all the technology we have today. We can join in on so many adventures we never thought we would be able to before. And, do it in ways we never imagined would ever materialize. And, you can do it from right in your very own home. Too good to be true, right? Or am I showing my age by those statements. It may be a little of both.

See in the “good ole days”, as they say, if you wanted to print something onto a t-shirt or anything else. Well, you had to call to make contact with a shop that printed on t-shirts. To see if they could do it for you and then drive to those that could do it for you. All the while hoping they would be able to do it when you got there. Because, well, they had to see it to be sure! Not anymore!

All you need today is a drive(not the one you take in a car though), a passion, a determination and possibly a computer. Then you can do a few simple things and as a miracle has happened you can have it delivered to your door in a matter of days. The very idea you had now printed onto a t-shirt. In your hands. Ready to be worn and shared with everybody else.

So, you have to still do some things. It is just so much simpler than in “the good ole days”. First you have to get your idea onto paper. Or in our case these days, onto the screen your looking at. Although, you can hire someone to do the art work, if you wish. Maybe you have a good friend who has that talent, in the case you do not. And they are willing to use that anytime they can because they have a love for that.

They have a talent and a drive, a passion, a determination to use it. They may do it on a computer or may do it by free hand drawing. Either way they are willing to help you because of the drive, passion and determination. So that is one way. Or you can hire someone who has the talent per se.

That is another way!

But, you can do it yourself with the template and platforms available at the various printing companies online today. Then again you could keep all the fun to yourself and do it yourself!!!

The Fun Way!

Ok, if your like me I am not a real artist. Actually not an artist at all. But, that should not stop you if you have not got a friend who is. Just use the sites that have the art work completed. All you have to really do is put it all together from what they offer. This may not be the exact idea. But, it can be so close and in some cases even improve on that exact idea.

Although it can be a blast just playing around with someone else’s artwork and adding your personal touch by the text you have thought up. Then there is a few free programs you can use to bring out the artist in you! That may well show you what you really may not know is there.

See, this is what I have done. I just find free stuff and put it all together to meet my idea. Now, to do this you have to be sure Not to infringe upon anyone else’s intellectual property rights. ( a little read on this This is important to make sure of. Especially, if your just doing this for a small group of people and/ or for yourself. No one wants to be sued for any reason!

Now I have used others platform as mentioned. As, you can see in the Printed section to the right on this site. Though, this is fun in its own right. The idea being finished by gathering from various free domain vectors on the internet and applying the use of a simple free program to put it together is Just more fun!

A Search!

Yes, it takes a little time and effort to go and find what you would want to use. That which can fit perfect for your idea and not infringe on someone else’s rights. Actually, you can spend hours to days just having a blast looking up and trying out different available art that is already out there.


Let’s share a quick review for one here.

A Program!

I used the program Gimp 2( I believe anyone can have so much fun with this program because I have found it to be just that. And I am still learning what it can do and how to do it. See, I just found this program a few weeks ago. And have had a time and a half playing around with it.

So, searching to find silhouettes with a thought of presenting something related to a protestant connection. I came across this silhouette of this family. Opened in the Gimp 2 program and added a little something to it. Came up with this


Only three colors, so as not to get to crazy and increase the print costs. Not bad for a day of fun coming up with something like this. Wouldn’t you say.

Once I have put all the research and text together with this absolutely free program. All that needs to be done then, is the uploading it to a site of your chosen printing company. Checking it out on the t-shirt and/or items of your liking you would want to put it on.

It is that simple! For the only thing left after that, is to order how many you want to purchase. The company may make suggestions and realign things a bit. No worries they have to be sure they can actually print it. So, keep this in mind while having fun bringing it all together. Be open to an adjustment here and there to get the final product finished.

The Finish!

That is all there is to doing what we have discussed. It just takes a desire to let loose your drive, passion, and determination.

So, let’s recap a second.

1: Have confidence you can! If you have the drive, passion and determination then you can do it!

2: Realize you do not have to be an artist! The technology today has gives us many avenues to choose from.

3: Deciding the way you will go for your artwork and putting it together-

       a. Paying someone to do the artwork and put it together

       b. Ask a friend who is an artist

       c. Use an established platform of artwork from templates of the various printing companies

       d. Use free programs to do it yourself

4: Search out your artwork! You can even try your hand at your own art if you desire with the programs out there today.

5: Get your programs! There are programs you can try your own hand at art. Most of them you can put together what artwork you search out. If you try your own hand you can combine the two and have even more fun!

6: Combine the artwork together with the text of your choice.

7: Save your work.

8: Find a printing company online to work with.

9: Upload your work.

10: Try it out on the t-shirt of choice. Or any other merchandise you would like to have it on.

11: Prepare to order the necessary quantity.

12: Get what your going to say ready for when someone says “I like that. Where did you get it?”


This is a simple and easy way of outlining a fun way to go about creating your own t-shirt design. Everyone of the pictures in this article was prepared in the simple format that Gimp 2 is laid out in. Using what was discussed here. As well, the header and logo’s on this site were put together in whole or part with it.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and most of all I pray you have found help in your journey to know how to create your own t-shirt design. Please leave a comment. And take the time to read some other articles here at T-shirt and U, A Protestant Connection.

Transparency: Author may recieve commission if ads are clicked and a purchase made.

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