Design Your Own Company T-shirt (Part Three of Three)

In Part Three of Design Your Own Company T-shirt we will add a desired background color, do some fun stuff like taking bump mapped text and making a drop shadow so it appears like a floating letter. Some different ways of cropping and cutting to merge together.

Change Background Color

Let’s change the background color. Layer >New Layer, I just click Ok, did not adjust anything. We will notice a new layer in the Layer palette. Called “Layer #1”. We Move this layer below the Mask Layer. That is move “Layer #1 below “Layer” in the Layers dialog. If, it is not there already. Do this by using the arrows at the bottom of the dialog.

We are going to fill this layer by adjusting to find a color. Ended up using a shade of gold. By, Click the “Layer #1” palette in the Layer dialog. Click Foreground/Background windows in the Toolbox dialog. Pick Color in the “Change Foreground Color” dialog, hit Ok. Click on the Bucket Fill from Toolbox dialog. Click Canvas. Should look like this

Beautiful! No worries about walking through every letter, we only have a few things to do with this letter. Then I’ll explain what to do next. My hope is you are able to follow along and complete these tasks here with me. Therefore, making this as simple and easy walk through as possible.

Adjust Color Levels

I just used the general idea found in the tutorial @Gimp( But, in the tutorial here they adjust the Colors >Levels. I did not do this. In the “Adjust Color Levels” Color Levels dialog begin experimenting with it and have a blast. This adjusts the mask to clarify edges. So watch what it is doing and when it looks the best to you click Ok.

Add Drop Shadow

Alright, it is coming along well. Let us put a shadow to the image now. They call this a Drop Shadow. What is going to happen is the “Visible” palette will be duplicated. In the layer dialog Right Click the palette “Visible” >Duplicate Layer. This created a “Visible Copy” palette in the Layers dialog.

Using the arrows move Visible Copy above the Layer #1. Do not worry about the color change again as you have had to do all along. This will become the shadow of the text.

Here is the fancy coming in. Colors >Invert.

Layer >Transparency >Color to Alpha, preview dialog then click Ok.

This gives us a Black letter over a transparent background, seen it in the color to alpha dialog. I made sure that I was working with the visible copy layer. Recall it will have the white border around it.

Click the move icon in the Toolbox. In the Tool Options dialog I clicked “move the active layer”. This will allow us to shift this layer to the right and down. Just a little bit. Layer >New From Visible. Woohooo! We now have a floating text. In our case the letter C.

This gives us a palette called “Visible #1“. We use the arrows at bottom of the “Layers” dialog to move this palette up above the Layer palette. Well there we go! The final floating letter C for our logo of A Protestant Connection.


But, before saving! Remember we are going to do this with more text. So, we will want to crop this letter and one of the others similarly. As well as the text “onnection”. This is easy enough, just Image >Zealous Crop.

And to take off the corners, Select >Rounded Rectangle, here in dialog check the concave, for this letter the Radius is set at 30%

Edit >Cut ; Edit >Paste as >New Layer : In the Layers dialog Right click the layer with the corners we just cut out >Delete Layer. If you would like more corner cut off than that you can do that, too. As you will see with the letter P in just a sec.

Wonderful! Now all that is needed to do is repeat those steps to create a floating C with the letter text of P and A. As well, for the text “onnection”. Just to help us recall what was mentioned earlier in this process.

For this project the A will be blue with a Gaussian Blur of 5 and the P will be Purple with a Gaussian Blur of 6. For the “onnection” used the same as for C, orange and a Gaussian Blur adjusted to what appears best to you because it is smaller pixels. Too much blur compared to rest and it can affect the readability of it

Also, crop or trim down these other letters. But, with the “onnection” and P, a little different, we do not do the Rounded Rectangle. Instead, do this, after Zealous Crop, Tools >Selection Tools >Free Select. Now. Find your starting point and just Click and pull the line out as to work your way around the text clicking at the points you like. Without cutting into the text.

Then do the Edit>Cut ; Edit >Paste as >New Layer. And delete unused layer as mentioned before.

Do this part on the P as well the cropping corners. We were not able to use Rounded Rectangle

due to the upper left corner has part of the P in it. And notice more corner cut out of the lower right

The reason I cropped the corners was so the background would not cover one of the other letters while putting them together. The “A” will be our background to place these others onto. No need to crop it.

To Save each of the items prepared we need to File >Export them and mentally note where it is saved on your system. Mine is in the user Documents. Do not just save it. Gimp uses a .xcf file. This stands for eXperimental Computing Facility. Using Export converts it to a .png file and saves it. This stands for Portable Network Graphics format. Appears to be more widely acceptable for use. It seems that .xcf is for layer, channels and such. While, the other isn’t.

After repeating this process we have four texts that need to be combined or merged together.

—————————————————————————beyond————————————————See end of article!

Before continuing!


For this process I used the free photo editing software: Photoscape..(

Once downloaded, for the purpose we will use it for, we use Editor. In the upper left corner we have quick access to places in our computer. So knowing where everything was stored is helpful here. In the lower left is an area to quickly see and choose what to use of the items in say Documents or Download.

So, here we would find in the lower left window our letter A. Now we can close this side bar.

On the bottom left we see Home, Object, Crop, and Tools.

Click Object, as shown. Then >Photo. A search window appears to search and find the photo we want to merge. When found Open and it appears on the A, the pop up photo dialog, just Ok it.

Here we can rotate it or drag it into position. We will just place it in the proper position for this project. The upper left of letter P close to the lower right of the letter A. Do the same thing with the C. Positioning it where the upper right is close to the lower left of the P.

Then place the “onnection” into the C coming through the right opening and not so high that it covers the P. Depending on how the cropping went this will matter. Here is what we have right now.

There it is our logo for A Protestant Connection! Excellent!!! I saved and named this logo. For this logo I wanted to add a few silhouettes. I’ll not walk you through all of that. I went and found them at sites with no attribution required and free to use as you see need.

I’ll state that I used Gimp 2 to fill in the background with the same color I was using here and then cropped them. I played around with them for some time. Scaling the image and making adjustments to the croppings, by even cropping some more. I even motion blurred to help with the effect of Jesus coming to a praying child. I ended up using three sizes and different blurs for the Jesus effect. It was the same silhouette I just scaled image using Gimp 2.

And again I used the Photoscape program to merge them into the logo. All in all, in the end this was the final product:


In Conclusion

Now we can use this logo on any merchandise we choose. Even on our Company T-shirt or polo shirt, jacket, sweater, hoodie or whatever the choice for your company may be. To do this now we just find a T-shirt company and upload the company logo into their format. View it in the location preferred after choosing the apparel to print onto.

Order the quantity desired and any other merchandise with that logo on it for the perfect advertising campaign and positive representation of your companies image. To keep that exceptional positive image before all clients and potential clients for years to come.

Whatever the design one chooses for their logo there are many opportunities to get to the final product. Here in these articles we focused on using programs and designing our own. Many t-shirt companies have formats to utilize their art work. But, for a company it may be best to hire someone to help create that perfect logo. Or do as we did here and design your own company logo. By doing so, you Design Your Own Company T-shirt!

Let us Review

Part One

1. Deciding on your logo and slogan for the image you want to portray.

2. Decide the arrangement they will be portrayed in.

3. A free program for download Gimp 2 (

4. Blank canvas and how to fill the canvas with color.

5. Using the arrows to switch between foreground and background colors.

Part Two

6. Understanding and choosing the proper colors for your logo.

7. Adding and using the Gaussian Blur for chosen text.

8. Coloring text using a Bump Mapping technique of the chosen text.


9. Adding a Mask Layer to isolate the Bump Mapped text.

10. Copying the Visible to create a Floating selection and Anchoring it to the Mask Layer.

Part Three

11. Add background color and adjust color levels, if so desired.


12. If preferred Invert colors and color to alpha. Slightly shift, down and right, to make drop shadow for 3D effect.

13. Create a New from Visible layer. Then crop and save, ie Export.

14. Do same with all text to be used. Prepare any pictures as well.

15. When ready Merge all together for the final design.

16. Choose the t-shirt printing company.

17. Upload Design into their platform.

18. Choose apparel style and/or merchandise to print to.

19. Choose the placing of the logo and quantity for each.

20. Order your CompanyT-shirt.

That is one way to Design Your Own Company T-shirt. I hope this was informative and helpful. And you had a blast of a journey with us to Design Your Own Company T-shirt! May God Bless!

Now, when this article was wrote and the design of the logo for A Protestant Connection was done. It was done the way it was laid out here. As a novice not being familiar with these programs it was intended to show that anybody could do this in a simple and easy manner. My hope is that is what was accomplished.

Since then, I have found it to be a process that is even more simple and easy than portrayed. In which you only need Gimp 2 program to accomplish the same thing. But I used two programs to do this originally. So, this is how the article is written.

——————————————————————————beyond———————————————————See Here!__


So it seems about where I put the “beyond” above. You can utilize Gimp 2 and achieve the merging process. No need for the other program. I had not understood this before. All you need to do after making every letter and/or text. As well as the preparing the pictures. Is simply in Gimp 2 go do this.

File > Open Recent, to gather the “A” text you had created. Then File > Open as Layers, in “open image” dialog, Find other text to merge. Do this for all you will merge together. It may be easier to merge by Layer>New from Visible after  placing a few as mentioned below. Then working with that to merge the rest.

The order does not matter here. Because, you can use the arrows at bottom in the “Layers” dialog to move them into whatever layer you want. The “A” below the “P” and “C” and “C” below “onnection” in this case seemed better.

Use the “Toolbox” dialog. (Tools > Toolbox) Go to the Move Tool icon Click it, in the“Tool Options” dialog be sure to Click on the “Move the active layer“. Now you click on the layer you want to move in the “Layers” dialog and move it around the canvas into position. Again, using the Layer > New from Visible after setting a few. May, make it more simpler.

Do this until everything is in proper position and then again Layer >New from Visible. This should be the one you want to “Export”, remember we do this to save. Because, it changes the format to .png.

Have fun with this program. Explore it and tinker around with it. I even made the logo at the top of these pages with a transparent background to be placed anywhere using what is there as the background.

Hope this was fun and interesting! May God Bless your new adventure!

Any comments and/or helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated before leaving. Thank You and comeback often!!!

Feel free to read more of the articles here on T-shirt and U, A Protestant Connection!


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