Design Your Own Company T-Shirt (Part: One of Three)

Hello Entrepreneur! Now that you have made the initial process to succeed at fulfilling your dream of starting your very own company. Then a concept of the company has been eagerly waiting to be put into action as well. Now, the time has come to make that concept come alive, That’s right, to design your own company t-shirt.

Though, you may like it to be a polo shirt or a jacket instead. You can put it on all kinds of merchandise. All for a long time continuous advertising campaign. That is it will be working for you now and later on.

Maybe something for the employees and something different for the customers.

Have a Logo!

At T-shirt and U it is a pleasure to have you visit so we can take the journey to design your very own company t-shirt together! Let’s ask the question-How are all companies recognized around the world? That’s right a logo, theme and/or a phrase.

Surely, that is not anything missed by you! For if your looking to design your own company t-shirt/shirt/jacket then a logo and slogan or phrase is an idea you probably have already. And are ready to take action on rolling it out. Thus, you have searched to find this article about another way of doing just that.

A Humbling Moment!

It is a little humbling to be at a junction in life where your initial success could come down to just this one decision. The perfect presentation of your company.

What will be the appearance to others? How will they perceive the phrase? Could it turn people away instead of drawing them closer? Will this logo and phrase be positive for the company? Is it really professional enough for my company? Will it make a difference in our success? What is the best color theme? Will it have an effect upon the initial image? What will be the effect upon my company’s identity?

But, whatever the questions, let’s put all the questions that can arise in such an important decision into perspective. Just as you used to get to this point. There will also be a process of putting forth a program introducing the theme and concept to the world in a positive light! Which inevitably will include a logo and slogan to match.

The process should bring about a necessity of marketing the entirety of the company in every conceivable way possible. Not only to have accessibility to you and/or your company and the product it represents. But, the full ability of keeping that initial moment of contact in memory as a positive joyful experience every time one sees the logo or hears the slogan for the company.

The decisions from this process now taken will be for those prospects today and for those of the future. So, what is the image you would desire for your company? Surely, it is one that is remembered in a good wholesome helpful light! That positive beam that shines out into the world with passion.

The Companies Image!

It is now time to place the image for the life of your company. The life to be remembered and recognized to draw an initial attraction and then also find it’s way to stay in front of those who made contact from that initial attraction.

The professional and strong appearance that will last from generation to generation. Showing the ability and willing endurance to work for U. This is a defining moment for your companies image.

If, you have a logo already then all that is needed is a platform to put it all together. That is, if you have a logo already laid out and designed. Then you really are ahead of me here. What you need is a platform to print. So, your ready for a company to upload it to. To actually print on the merchandise your going to showcase your logo and slogan on for distribution.

If not there yet, then let us hopefully answer a few of the questions previously raised. Without answering each one directly and separately. But let’s do it differently than just write an article here.

Create and Design a Logo!

No longer worry about getting onto paper or canvas if your not an artist, I recommend my article, “Custom print on a t-shirt without being an artist”, (

There are programs today that can take a novice and make them appear as though they are the next Van Gogh. With the technology we have today you can accomplish what you have set out to do.

Hopefully, this will help in this process by actually designing a logo. For this logo I downloaded a free program Gimp 2 ( And utilized its attributes by learning some basic features. To do this I simply read a tutorial and split my screen with the program on one side, then the tutorial instructions on the other. So I could quick reference if needed.

Like this:

Well, it was for myself needed. Due to the fact I had no knowledge of the terminology used or the program itself. Along with the fact I still use an older system utilizing vista. A true learning experience. That I am going to share with you now in a three part series. So, let’s have fun with it.

I spent weeks designing and redesigning several logos. Just playing around with this program to get a little understanding of what a true novice can do. But, overall it is really simple for a non artist, like myself, to understand and begin to create the proper image for the desired results. And if you have a faster, more updated computer than what I use, then you simplify it even more.

Let’s create and design a logo with three letters for this site for it is a part of: A Protestant Connection!

It all starts with a blank canvas. I clicked at the top File>New. a “Create a New Image” window pops up to choose the image size. In this case, we want to have the height, or vertical, more than the width, or horizontal.

There were none in the template list that I preferred. So, I adjusted the width and height pixels to preference. This is important in that you can make it specific if you know where this image is to be posted. Say a specific site location, as many site themes have, with preferences in dimensions. But, no problem you can “scale image” later for whatever the project needed.(under Image >Scale Image) A great feature I was able to utilize for the logo of this site, T-shirt and U, at top of this page.

Ok, now go to Tools>New Toolbox. We now have a dialog window to work thru for a little quicker execution. Called Toolbox. As well as, Windows >Dockable Dialogs >Layers, which gives a Layers dialog window.

At the bottom of this dialog, we click the foreground/background color area to bring up the“Change Foreground Color” window.


The arrows in the toolbox dialog quickly swap between foreground and background. Here we change the color to black or whatever the preference is. We will use a black background and a white foreground.

Click in the toolbox the “Fill-Bucket” and click canvas area to fill. Notice the Fill-Bucket is highlighted in the image above. Click canvas it fills the canvas. Now use the arrows to switch between the foreground and background. Here it is

Part One Summary

Alright that is a good start! What we have covered so far is:

1. Deciding on your logo and slogan for the image you want to portray.

2. Decide the arrangement they will be portrayed in.

3. A free program for download Gimp 2 (

4. Blank canvas and how to fill the canvas with color.

5. Using the arrows to switch between foreground and background colors.

It is time to read Part Two abd then Part Three.

Where we will begin the section about choosing our color for our text and  move on to adding text. And then we will continue on to doing something that is fun and awesome, called Bump Mapping. All the way to the finished floating letter with something called a Drop Shadow. No, you do not have to use a drop shadow with your logo. I show it here because this is what I did for the A Protestant Connection logo.

Hope you find this informative and useful! Now time to move on to Part Two of Design Your Own Company  T-shirt.  (

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