Custom print on a t-shirt without being an artist

There is no reason to be ashamed of not being a great drawer, painter or what we would call an artist. Not everyone is talented in this way. Though, most of us would like to be. Not everyone has the ability to get the picture in their head onto the big screen. Whether it is a piece of paper, a canvas or computer screen.

But, does this have to keep you, in any way, from your desire to create something? And then have it become as a custom print on a t-shirt, for instance. Well, I assure you there is no reason to feel as though you are incapable and alone just because you cannot draw as well as the next guy or gal.

What I am about to share with you is simple and easy. Why it never occurred to me that I could use the artist inside myself to overcome what I saw as a deficiency in talent. I may never know. There is a way to proceed as though you’re an artist releasing your inner talent and sharing it with the world around you. I hope to share with you how to create a t-shirt design without being an artist.


That’s the best part, you do not have to be a great artist!

You do not even have to be an artist, much less a great artist. No, you do not even have to know how to begin to turn a blank canvas into a national treasure. Just like the greatest painters such as Michelangelo, Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci. Some masters at drawing along with Charles Le Brun, Peter Paul Rubens and Kathe Kollwitz. Have you ever imagined what it would have been like to be an artist like these masters?

They shared their ideal themes and passions that arose in their hearts. Delivering the message desired to share with others by way of the canvas. You can do the same though. Maybe you could even add a few words to supplement your picture. Or that the picture complements the words. You can be just as these great masters and customize a t-shirt of your very own.

See, only your canvas does not have to be a canvas or paper. It can be achieved on the computer screen you’re looking at right now without downloading a drawing or painting program. Sharing your deepest passions in messages by pictures and words.         You can be as the greatest artists of all time.


It has never been easier to design a t-shirt!

All you have to do is have an idea or theme you’re passionate about. One that you would like to bring attention to. A general picture in your mind of that idea that you would like to share with others.

A passion to share with others something meaningful can bring such joy and happiness. As well as bring the opportunity to communicate in conversation the truth in the meaning of the message. Whether it will be for charity, an organization, a personal message, a sport team, faith or just some positive message that needs attention brought to it. It can be anything you’re passionate about.

You can then personalize it by giving it your personal touch. Let’s say you’re having a family reunion and your family has a certain phrase they say all the time to one another. You may never hear it anywhere else. But, if you do it may bring a little smile on your face from the memory of your family and that special occasion.

What a joyful and warm feeling from those relationships with love ones from afar. They can be custom inked to make a t-shirt to share your joyful memory with others. While at the reunion and afterwards when you return home.

Maybe you have a team or organization you’re a part of. And there is a deep meaning in the companionship and camaraderie of being a part of the group. You can have the memory along with a logo and/or name of the team to share with others long after the season or gathering. Even your favorite chants to pump up and lift each other up. The theme saying, that reminds you of the lessons learned and the great times shared.

You can now have those memories placed on merchandise such as caps, cups, sweats, pants, shorts, hoodies, shirts and t-shirts. More products than these, as well. All by using the art templates of others. There are many fine artists in the world who want to share their art just like those great artist of the past.

So, they have shared templates of their art. That people like you can bring their art and your idea together in such a way to create your own t-shirt design. It truly has never been easier to be a great artist. By using your very own thought and combining it with the best collection of art and fonts available.

Designing in various ways, about your own passion and desires. Those ideas, coming to life on a canvas of a shirt just as Michelangelo or Van Gogh or Kathe Kollwitz could apply theirs to a canvas to complete some of the finest art ever known.

It is all at the tip of your fingers!

Imagine if you could put something about your faith on a shirt. Something your passionate about that seems to be forgotten by the rest of those of your faith. Or you would like to advertise your own website or business with a saying that is unique to your company. Even if it is a school you are passionate about. The teachings and the way they prepare the youth, shaping them for the future.

So you have a desire to let everyone know the truth about your passion. Then this is how to get it out their. Show it in various ways such as on a t-shirt. That someone may say “I like that shirt!’ or ask a question about what the design may be about.

Thereby, opening the conversation up to share what your compassionate about. What the deeper meaning is. And the understanding by logical reasoning behind the custom printed shirts.

I would like to share with you one I have designed. The story is in the post,as the way I came about designing my own t-shirt. The reason is because of my passion of the message it represents. It is the three angels message of Revelation 14:6-12. The everlasting gospel that has been lost through time.

I am no artist. I am barely able to draw a stick man. I do not own a t-shirt shop. Nor do I have equipment to print anything except a copier.  🙂

This is what I believe you need to know on how to create your own t-shirt design. Anyone can do it. I did! That, is what I did.

I had an idea with a passion. Whatever you have on your heart that you’re passionate about. And want with the deepest desire to share with others, is why I say “You can do it, too!”

Here is what you need:

  • The Idea! Mine was to start a t-shirt business about my faith.
  • The Passion! Mine was to share the forgotten truth of my faith.
  • The Drive! Mine was being determined to combine the idea with the passion. Even though I was not an artist. Nor a business man.
  • A Computer! A connection to the internet.
  • A Platform! Mine was found in using Custom Ink.
  • An Art Template! Just find the art that goes with your idea or theme. You can even combine some art together to get the fullness of the picture you desire. Just remember it has to fit in a way they can actually print it.
  • A Font Template! Search the fonts for just the right character to complete your theme and inhance your meaning of what is to be shared. Even the various arcs or angles to be printed at. Again remember it has to be able to print. They will help you with all this.
  • The Product! Will it be a featured brand like Nike, North Face or others to choose from. Will it be shirts, T-shirts or some other item. A multitude of choices are available. They have a variety of products to print on.
  • The Reason to Print! This is a need to know, to detemine if it will be for resale as a fundraiser. At There is a special way of doing this if it is a fundraiser.
  • The Final Proofing! The company may make some professional changes as to alignment and such. Adjusting for printing and giving you the opportunity to approve it. So your picture that you had in your mind matches what will be printed. They may even give you an idea that helps complete what you were originally thinking. All before it goes to print so the quality is up to the standards expected.


Everything you need to know to create your own t-shirt design!

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3! No more limited by the thought of not being talented enough. You truly have everything you need right in front of you. At your finger tips right now to design a t-shirt. At T-shirt and U we desire that you have a joyful journey for your endeavor. That your personal thoughts are inked in such a way that they come alive to share with the whole world.

That your personal interest is created and designed with understanding of the passion behind the interest. Whether it is for a group such as your church, a charity, non-profit, fundraiser, sports team, school K-12 or a business. For yourself, just for fun or to share a deep meaningful truth.

The steps are easy. The decision is yours. Will it be on frisbees, cups, mugs, shoes, uniforms, bags, office supplies, sticker magnets and many, many other products to choose from? You just have to know a few things that have been mentioned. To fulfill your becoming a master artist just as the greatest that have ever lived.

Now you know how to custom print on a t-shirt your very own design. Even as the greatest artists spoke through their creations. So can you speak through your creations. Visit your very own heart to find what is your passion! Then print your own t-shirt to share it!!!

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  1. I love custom t-shirts and have collected them for many years from places around the world. I even have a Christian ones as well. Your article is very informative and detailed. If I didn’t know how to design my own, I do now. Thanks for sharing

    1. I am glad you related with the article Stori. Thank you!

  2. I love custom t-shirts and yours is very nice indeed! Not bad for your first one.

    Thank you for awesome instructions so that I can make a shirt myself. I was thinking of creating some for an upcoming function. Can you recommend a t-shirt brand that is quality? I have tried to buy plain white t’s but end up with thin, flimsy quality. I want nice thicker ones. Any help is appreciated!

  3. I really like the idea of using a t-shirt, or perhaps a mug, as a way of expressing yourself. As I was reading through your blog, I thought of my family’s upcoming reunion. Many of us haven’t seen each other in a while. Wouldn’t it be great to have a t-shirt celebrating our family!

    There’s lots of great clipart that could work as a design element in t-shirts. Many are free and with so much selection available, something suitable is probably just a short search away.

    Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing!

    1. Michael, it means alot to have your kind words. The fact your site is about being an artist coupled with you being inspired by the article is priceless. I hope your family reunion is as joyful for your family as your comment has been for myself. So happy you could relate it to your life!

  4. Excellent post and very motivational!

    I am absolutely useless at art. Oh yeah I have photo editing software but you give me a pen and paper, well you might as well give me crayons and transport me back to my infant school!

    Though your ideas are a welcome tip to show that if we just think outside the box we can all be artists.

    1. Hello Jason, thinking outside the box sometimes is just not trying to reinvent the wheel. Thanks for inspiring words!

  5. Hello,
    And thanks for the article! This was very helpful to someone like me, being one of the ones you describe in your first parageaph!

    I thought I lacked something, some kind of artistic skill, but the way you break it down with your step-by-step guide is just awesome!

    Thanks for the excellent read,

    1. Hey Joachim, appreciate your enthusiastic response!

  6. Hi there,

    Excellent read! I like how you just connect with the readers straight away, as many of us – myself included – will not be great artists… 😉

    The step-by-step guide is just perfect for someone like me! I’ve been wanting to make a cool t-shirt for some time, but couldn’t really figure out how or where to start, and thought I needed a lot more skill within this niche than I do… So thanks for your helpful and inspiring article!


    1. Thank you Joachim! I am glad to see that it is well recieved and accepted as inspiring. Hope in it’s simplicity you can know your artistic side as well.

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