Christian idea on how to create your own t-shirt design

Hello friend! Have you ever wondered about who comes up with those christian t-shirt ideas. Those you see being worn that make you say, “Amen!”.

Yeah me, too! Those are the ones that stand out from the others. They may even inspire you say to yourself, “I need to know how to create my own t-shirt design.”.

Well, they are people just like you. A christian who wanted to share the truth of our faith with others.

They have taken the initiative to share a verse, symbol or both. Something that they thought others needed to read. Some part of our faith that they saw as needed to be published in a certain way. So others could see it and know the truth. Or they just felt the need to share what they believe in.

I have wanted to do that, as well. Have you? Only I have a little different idea on the subject though. Due to the fact I never seemed to know when the right time to open the conversation to share our faith was.

That is, without turning people off right away or just pushing people away without meaning to, it seemed. Some people would just say something and turn away. Or they would just brush me off nonchalantly.


A Desire to Share!

That never stopped me from the desire to share the truth with others. It even gave me reason to think about my approach and what words I would use. And I am still not good at it!

These experiences helped lead to the idea to put a message on a t-shirt just like those people who are just like you. But with a little different idea. That was the idea to not only share a truth but that it would hopefully open up a conversation.

That is right! Something that just might get someone to ask a question or make a statement about the t-shirt. Then the subject would be open for discussion. The ice would be broken! So to speak.


1. No more wondering if the time is right!

2. No more awkward moments of silence and then people turning away!

3. No more feeling like a door just got shut in your face!

4. No more wondering if they would be interested in hearing what you want to share with them!



Would you like to share?

Wouldn’t you like to share the messages of the bible with others in a similar manner? A way that you can feel confident and positive about.

Let me tell you a truth. You can!

You can do that very same thing that you have seen others wearing. And you can design it yourself so you can share the message you want to share. All while sharing it in a way that you do not have to feel like you are invading someone else’s space.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to share a truth but now is not the right time? So you end up not saying anything.

How can one really know when the right time is? It would make all the sense in the world, that if someone asks a question or makes a comment about some artwork. Then that would be a door opening.Therefore, it could just be the right time!


Why not design your messages of truth!

Really, it is not that difficult once you learn a few simple concepts to the trade available today.

Did you know you do not even have to leave your home to make the message of truth become a custom print on a t-shirt? That’s right, it is not even needed to go to the post office anymore. They will deliver right to your door-step.

Then you can have a t-shirt with a christian truth on it. That you have designed!

Now, I am not advocating rewriting the scriptures nor am I saying to alter the meaning of its truths. What I am saying is, that if you would like another scripture or picture other than the ones you have found on a shirt. Why not do it yourself?

Better than that! How about, putting a biblical theme into a picture you designed and created. Then a few words around it to emphasis the truth of what it all means. This is not far from you right now.

You have a bible available!

I understand, if you’re reading this then it is more than likely you have a bible. And even better than that, you’re actually reading the good book. Am I right? You’re reading it. That is great!!! Keep reading the bible!

Then you have seen also, the stories come alive! And have had the pictures come into your mind on many of the subject matters.

Like, the angels in John’s vision in Revelation 14! In verse 6 the angel is flying “…in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach…”. This is special to everyone who believes in Jesus.


A picture that might have come to your mind here! Could’ve been, an angel flying in the midst of the clouds with a trumpet in hand. Preaching this everlasting gospel to the world. In verse 7 the angel is preaching “…Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment has come:…”.

This is a perfect example, for it gives us many visuals to work with. The angel flying in the midst of the clouds or heaven. Possibly a faithful child of God praying, “…giving glory to him…”. And the oh so fearful thought of standing before God “…for the hour of his judgment has come…”.


There is the idea!

Well, guess what? You just walked through an idea for a message you can share. Just from those two verses we came up with three christian t-shirt ideas.

Three wonderful truths that can be used to share with the world. All because you know how to create your own t-shirt design!

That is the idea, right? You can take anyone of those and make artwork and place those words on a t-shirt. Of course the hope would be that someone would see them and open up a conversation about the message.

Look at the angel flying in the clouds with the everlasting gospel. I just went to a site platform and put this together. Utilizing their templates of artwork and their designing platform.

Click image to go to site to enter the platform from there. Or go here (

Now you can reorganize the artwork. Move it and the text into whatever design you would like. You can change the shirt color. Change the color of the text. You can read my article titled “Design your own t-shirt design” here at .

This article will layout in 8 steps the process to organize your idea from scratch to a custom printed t-shirt. These same steps can be used with the themes from the bible. What I just went and did so we can see it in a picture. You can do it to!

It is all up to how you see it, to get someone to open the door. Then you can share the truth of your faith without the awkward moment of wondering if it is the right time.

You never know they may say “What is the everlasting gospel?”.. Well, there you go! The door is open for the conversation on Revelation 14:6-12.


Wherever there is a passion, there is a way! If you’re like I was and need another way to approach others to share your faith. Then hopefully this is the article you needed to have before you at this time.

It is a process with knowledge of your personal desire. Taking the christian idea on how to create your own design and delivering a message for all to see. Just like those you have seen before. But, better with your personal touch and insight to the truth you want to share with everyone.

The idea:

1: Take a theme or a story from your bible. Doesn’t matter if it is a verse or several verses.

2: Let the verses give you a vision or picture of its theme that you can then utilize.

3: Know from the scripture what you would like to say to someone to share your faith. This may or may not be exactly word for word from the scripture.

4: Look at the 8 step process from, ,  an article to use for your guide.

5: Prepare to share your passion about your faith!

True christian ideas right from the scriptures. They can be a blessing to share. Just another way of sharing our faith for some of us.

Our hope at T-shirt and U is that you have an enjoyable experience in designing the biblical message that your most passionate about. Your favorite biblical stories and truths coming alive for all to open up about.

It is these stories and themes that can bring greater understandings to our truth. With these visuals those messages can and should be shared to reach more people. So, every soul has an opportunity!


Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:“. Matt. 7:7

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  1. Hi Tim,
    This is a special post. people will expect to have something on how to make T-shirts. But this is in a genre of its own: Christian T-shirts.

    I believe with you that it is a unique way for sharing the gospel.

    I’m a teacher. Students will come to school wearing T-shirts with weird messages. Togo being a French-speaking country, many don’t even understand the message on what they are wearing. Worse, ours is a religious school. Imagine what they could be doing for the Lord if they wore T-shirts with postive messages!

    That’s where your message comes in. The more people your piece encourages to create Christian messages T-shirts, the more people will wear them, and the more people will be touched by the message of love, peace, and salvation.

    Thanks for such a positive piece.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for the thorough comment Akoli! We need more understanding of the truth of salvation. The positive message provided in a positive way.
      Maybe a future post and a more detailed outline of how t-shirts are made is a good suggestion. Thanks Akoli!

  2. What a great idea. Especially in a day and time when they are taking the bible and the word of God out of everything these days. Inspiring.

    1. Awesome Spence! It is great to see “Inspiring” in the comments on this article. Thank you!
      PS I agree the message is being taken out of everything. WE must continue to plant seeds!

  3. Very original concept, well written and you can feel your passion and can tell your heart is really in your words. Good luck with your endeavors.

    1. Appreciate your kind words there Kimberly! And likewise on yours.

  4. This is great for people who are looking for a creative outlet. They can choose their message and create a graphic to go with it and then imprint on to a t-shirt to share with the world.
    An informative post.. Thanks for sharing..

    1. Thanks Colleen!I’m happy you found it informative.

  5. Nice little idea to get people talking about their faith 🙂

    1. Appreciate your visiting Alun! God Bless!

  6. Joo, I am so blessed by your comment! Glad you found it to be a message of such a natural path of opportunity to share.
    Thank you,

  7. This is such a great idea, to print the message that you want to bring across on a t-shirt, so that it breaks the ice, and creates a very natural opportunity to open up the conversation about faith, to people who are open to it.

    Thanks for the great message!

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