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Welcome to T-shirt and U! Hello my name is Tim! I am so glad you found us. My hope is you have an enjoyable experience in discovering your potential of creativity. I went looking one day for a custom t-shirt near me and found a world of creativity.

Our Journey to U

T-shirts have been around my whole life. I can not think of a time in my life that a t-shirt was not a part of the wardrobe. Whether it was a plain shirt or a shirt that had been printed with a saying or with a design.


As a kid I didn’t think much about where the saying or design came from. But, looking at others t-shirts as they walked by I would say to myself  such things as “That is neat.” or “Oh, that is a good one!”. I would never really be thinking about what was involved with coming up with such things. Although, I often wondered “Who came up with That?”, when I saw someone wearing something unique.Though many times I often was not seeing anything I wanted to say on a t-shirt anywhere in the stores.


Then one day I was thinking of starting a business. I started checking around on what I might like to do. So, a t-shirt business came to mind. I was thinking about more on selling than making t-shirts. So I started trying to come up with some ideals on what to put on some t-shirts.


I came up with several thoughts, though I was thinking along the line of what I was passionate about at the time. See, I became a protestant and wanted to share some of the messages to help get the truth of the word out. Since, I was also seeking to start a business. The two together struck me as a way to fulfill both of my most passionate goals. After difficulty in finding custom t-shirts near me. I began searching about for equipment to start to ink my own. This lead me to begin seeing the companies out there that offer a variety of services. And they were not limited to just t-shirt services.


I remember little shops starting in the town where I grew up  and not lasting very long either through-out the years. With this memory, I started sharing my new found thoughts with others. Dropping an idea on ears here and there. Only to get responses that were not real encouraging. Like, “Good luck with that!”, with no excitement or thrill to have heard of my new found interest.


Sort of reminded me of when I began trying to share my new found faith. It seemed as if I would just start talking about the bible or Jesus and people would start to pull away from me. I longed to find ways to talk with others where they didn’t turn away from listening. Yet, I could not find the right words all the time to truly keep their interest or most of the time to even get an initial interest.


Then, I began to noticed something in the transactions with others though. If they noticed something and asked a question, there seemed to be enough interest ,they would not pull away as quickly. So I began searching for ways to share my faith without the need to quote the scriptures all the time. To plant seeds of interest.


Well, now the big picture had developed. With my two most passions coming together. That is,  if I combined my desire to create  my own t-shirt design with the passion of my faith then maybe I could get people to talk about both through the combination of them. It was like a light switch got turned on.


The thought of helping people like you to do the very same thing. Combine your passionate interests with the ability of designing your own t-shirt by connecting you with those that can assist in making that a reality. A custom design created by U.

Hence this site is the fruit of that passion.

Our Desire For U

With the technology, we all have access to today, anyone can get a message out there. Our desire at T-shirt and U is to help U find the way to perk others interests so they ask questions about your printed personal passions.


I believe it is in wearing a t-shirt with a message that will lead them to ask relevant questions. Even if it is “Who came up with That?”. Inking by sight upon the brain of those that see it to create interest by opening  a window for sharing the meaning of a truth. Whether it be a need, an understanding, a desire or a heartfelt issue of importance. Just planting a seed in a positive non-offensive way.


The indirect-direct approach, if you will!

Our Goal

The goal of T-shirt and U site is to help other people, like you, find the right avenue to share a significant message. By connecting you with a company who will help you to create and design a t-shirt..


So, the messages can get out there and the questions get asked. Hopefully leading to us “Building the Future Together”!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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